An Interesting HubSpot Alternative

HubSpot is a very powerful tool and we love HubSpot. It’s one of the leading trend setters for the inbound marketing movement, making the advertising industry more efficient, friendly and effective. For companies that can afford the premium price tag, the required training investments and the monthly salary of a HubSpot Savvy manager, it’s probably a great choice. For the rest of the world, offers and integrates with some of the more important/effective features the Inbound Marketing Giant has to offer.

This is another article that offers a combination of about 4 different cloud based SAAS’s and Open Source Software to also be able to replicate HubSpot without the giant price tag. Now Be warned, these are not complete replicas of HubSpot. HubSpot is indeed a great and leading platform, but they know it and their price tag knows it as well. For 80% of the results for about 10% of the cost (or less), HubSpot Alternatives are possible and I expect more to flourish soon, especially after HubSpot’s earth moving IPO back in early October.

Some marketing professionals have suggested you first start with and once you build enough sales momentum to convince the marketing budget board, move to HubSpot. For less than $100 a month, it has some of the more effective and important lead capture and lead management features required for great inbound marketing. is built to be easily integrated with WordPress and a couple dozen other cloud based software. ( Mail Chimp, Sendy, Google Docs, WIX, Etc.). This is especially good news for Small and Medium Sized Businesses who want to leverage their online presence and/or maximize the amount of leads they can get from their website traffic or Facebook, Adwords or partner website campaigns. This is a summarized feature comparison that helps illustrate the biggest differences. For example Social Monitoring is a very insightful tool that is not part of the platform but could be complemented using the free HootSuite tier. Same thing could be said about the email marketing built-in platform offered by HubSpot, it could be complimented by MailChimp. (Free tier allows unlimited emails to 2,000 contacts, which is more than the paid HubSpot tier).



Professional Plan

Premium Plan

Monthly Cost

$800 $50
Included Contacts


Additional Contacts $ 50 per 1,000 contacts Unlimited
Email Send Limit (per month) 1,000 Unlimited
Required Training (one-time fee) $2,000 No Required Training Free Multimedia Knowledge Base and Support Center
BLOG / CMS / COS ✓ + Integrate with the free and most powerful blogging platform in the world: WordPress Integrate with the free and most powerful blogging platform in the world: WordPress
Search Engine Optimization X
User Roles
Smart Calls-to-Action
A/B Testing of Calls-to-Action
Lead Management
Social Media Features X
Inbound Call Tracking X
Work Flows X
Email Marketing Integrates with: MailChimp, Emma, Sendy, Google Docs and many more.

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