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An Interesting HubSpot Alternative

HubSpot is a very powerful tool and we love HubSpot. It’s one of the leading trend setters for the inbound marketing movement, making the advertising industry more efficient, friendly and effective. For companies that can afford the premium price tag, the required training investments and the monthly salary of a HubSpot Savvy manager, it’s probably a great choice. For the rest of the world, offers and integrates with some of the more important/effective features the Inbound Marketing Giant has to offer.

This is another article that offers a combination of about 4 different cloud based SAAS’s and Open Source Software to also be able to replicate HubSpot without the giant price tag. Now Be warned, these are not complete replicas of HubSpot. HubSpot is indeed a great and leading platform, but they know it and their price tag knows it as well. For 80% of the results for about 10% of the cost (or less), HubSpot Alternatives are possible and I expect more to flourish soon, especially after HubSpot’s earth moving IPO back in early October.

Some marketing professionals have suggested you first start with and once you build enough sales momentum to convince the marketing budget board, move to HubSpot. For less than $100 a month, it has some of the more effective and important lead capture and lead management features required for great inbound marketing. is built to be easily integrated with WordPress and a couple dozen other cloud based software. ( Mail Chimp, Sendy, Google Docs, WIX, Etc.). This is especially good news for Small and Medium Sized Businesses who want to leverage their online presence and/or maximize the amount of leads they can get from their website traffic or Facebook, Adwords or partner website campaigns. This is a summarized feature comparison that helps illustrate the biggest differences. For example Social Monitoring is a very insightful tool that is not part of the platform but could be complemented using the free HootSuite tier. Same thing could be said about the email marketing built-in platform offered by HubSpot, it could be complimented by MailChimp. (Free tier allows unlimited emails to 2,000 contacts, which is more than the paid HubSpot tier).



Professional Plan

Premium Plan

Monthly Cost

$800 $50
Included Contacts


Additional Contacts $ 50 per 1,000 contacts Unlimited
Email Send Limit (per month) 1,000 Unlimited
Required Training (one-time fee) $2,000 No Required Training Free Multimedia Knowledge Base and Support Center
BLOG / CMS / COS ✓ + Integrate with the free and most powerful blogging platform in the world: WordPress Integrate with the free and most powerful blogging platform in the world: WordPress
Search Engine Optimization X
User Roles
Smart Calls-to-Action
A/B Testing of Calls-to-Action
Lead Management
Social Media Features X
Inbound Call Tracking X
Work Flows X
Email Marketing Integrates with: MailChimp, Emma, Sendy, Google Docs and many more.

Latin America and Near Shoring web development: A little perspective.

The best thing you can have, when thinking about near shoring web development, is a little perspective. Just the tiniest, accurate, mental picture can save you a great deal of grief. I hope this helps.  There is great opportunity in off shoring your development work to LATAM, but there is also great risk.

Near Shoring, Off Shoring, outsourcing, local sourcing or micro-sourcing, all have one general description: hire an expert that will save you money, weather its your local CPA , working from her home office or a collection service professional in Bangladesh, the process is more efficient, the profit margin grows or the employer is able to better compete in regards to local market price.

This is not new, this is natural and legitimate. More than 40K years ago, your brand new homo sapiens sapiens, divided the chores around the community. Some one hunted, some one collected and some one talked to the Gods… Cave Men understood the value of asking some one else to do things for them, if it made sense). This gave birth to civilization, and here we are, thanks to it, humanity is growing like a virus. I’ll blog some more about humanity’s viral growth in future blog posts.

At some point in the 80’s, some one figured out that he could arbitrage his way into a very lucrative business if he/she took advantage of the staggering contrasts between a developed country’s yearly salary (Say in today’s dollars, 65K/Year, being very conservative) and a developing country’s yearly salary, (Oh, say $14k a year, being the average entry level  executive salary for a large, respectable company). And this was the beginning of Call Centers and Outsourcing companies.

Latin America, being conformed of mostly developing countries, was located in a particularly good position, as it shares the same time zones as north america and the same contrasting wages as India. Best of both worlds? – That’s what it looks like.  Most large global business process enterprises (Mega Call Centers and giant Back offices), in India, have taken advantage of Latin America’s poor job market and coincidental time zone. So, in one way or another, rupees are also in the LATAM BPO scene.

Entrepreneurial Geeks will be Entrepreneurial Geeks.

Today ( 2013) an entrepreneurial fever is taking over the LATAM region: Free Lancing, micro sourcing, and web development firms are sprouting everywhere. Literally every latin american and his aunt is open to the tentative fantasy of getting paid in dollars, euros or yens!

Latinos are happy about companies like CAP GEMINI and 24/7, comming down to their countries and building large offices. These companies have hired pretty much every one who speaks English and is willing to listen to angry customers in exchange for 500$ a month. This in turn has disrupted the local labor market, forcing most other businesses to raise their salaries in order to compete. ( and Yes, $500 is the average entry level monthly salary of your Latin american client service professional). But, as technology enables individuals and small businesses to create solid relationships with European and U.S. based employers, micro sourcing is becoming a trend, enabling the average “Juan” to either contract or sell his services to the average “John”, IF it makes sense.

Because wages vary from country to country, experience and capabilities are valued at the eye of the beholder, and each country has its own labor laws (some requiring employers to pay a 13th, 14th and even 15th monthly salaries, severance, social security and are held hostage to the constant labor market zig-zags and political upheavals, created by, our now global, economic thump.   Micro sourcing to LATAM is very risky and confusing. On top of this, the anonymity and easily avoidable accountability that comes from working remotely, makes near shoring or out sourcing a even riskier business. Something that large transnational outsourcing companies have resolved by investing in credibility and accountability. This makes risk, this reasonable distrust toward outsourcing, is making the cost of market entree, very high and its evolution, very slow.

There still is allot of growth to be seen in near-shoring and outsourcing, one of the biggest opportunities comes from enabling small businesses to be able to compete in an international environment.

A way to enable honorable and professional people to be able to negotiate and commit to an employer or provider in some mysterious other country, is the challenge most small businesses in the world are facing today, and, to the writers perspective, doing this is the only way to compete in a globalized market.


Panoramic Views

Nuevas Herramientas para mis clientes, esta ves, un plugin creado por Marvin Labs que permite la creación muy sencilla de una navegación en imágenes panorámicas.
href=”” imagewidth=”2000″ imageheight=”188″ horizon=”105″ hfov=”360″ ]

Tu publish from wordpress to twitter | Buenas herramientas de Twitter – Que funcionan despues de el 30 de Agosto 2010

Como estan todos, pues entre noticias buenas, despues de problemas con twitter desde que cambió su forma de interactuar con pluggins de wordpress,  clic aquí funciona muy bien para publicar en twitter los ultimos articulos de wordpress.

Quick note,, recomended by click here works great. (Publishes wp-posts on twitter.

Atitlan Vacation Rentals – In Guatemala.

Atitlan Vacation Rentals is a website dedicated to promote and communicate the beauty, magic and tranquility of two great lake side townhouses in Atitlan Lake. The website features a front page, full page slide show, an interactive image viewer (using light box), and a great looking contact form. It also displays javascript stylized font. The whole site is SEO even the domain name. Check it out:

Atitlan-vacation-rentals es un sitio web dedicado a la promoción y comunicación de la belleza, magia y tranquilidad de dos casas a orilla del Lago Atitlan, que se ofrecen en renta. El sitio web ofrece una página principal, un slideshow hecho en flash, un visor de imagenes interactivo y un formulario de contacto muy bonito y sencillo. También usa Javascript para desplegar tipografía estilizada. El sitio está optimizado para buscadores de internet como google, tan así que el dominio en sí es parte de las palabras clave con las cuales se quiere asociar al aparecer en resultados de búsqueda.

Clasificados Gratis en Guatemala – | – Online Classifieds in Guatemala

Despues de casi un año de planificación y desarrollo hemos lanzado la primera fase de un systema de clasificados gratis para Guatemala. El proyecto fue diseñado conjuntamente con Ingenieros, psicólogos sociales y diseñadores Gráficos.

El sitio en su fase inicial recibe, publica e indexa anuncios clasificados y Ofertas Empresariales, utilizando algoritmos y metodologías de experiencia de usuario únicas en su clase. Esto combinado con la capacidad de que un usuario pueda llamar por teléfono (Al 2245-5000, Valido solo en Guatemala) y publicar directamente desde su teléfono hace de una nueva herramienta para el usuario nuevo y experimentado en internet. Y una herramienta de Internet tanto para usuarios que no utilizan la internet como también expertos en Internet.

After almost a year of  Planning and Development, we have launched (Beta). The project was designed and developed by engineers and social psychologists. In its initial phase, this website recieves, indexes and publishes classified ads for Guatemala, using a unique algorithm and a straight forward yet unique user interface. This allong with the projects ability to let individuals call ( +502 2245-5000) and place their ads in seconds, makes a unique and very usefull tool for both internet savy and internet illiterate populations.

Regina de Batres is an online porfolio. Desingned to promote ,well known visual artist, Regina de Batres’s new ideologic and aesthetic proposals. Website development on this project was great, I had the oportunity to work hand in hand with Regina, giving the website gig an even more creative twist. es un portafolio artístico en línea. Creado con el fín específico de promover las nuevas propuestas ideológicas y estéticas de la reconocida artista visual guatemalteca, Regina Prado de Batres. El desarrolllar este sitio fué una muy agradable experiencia, pues se trabajo “Mano a Mano” con Regina. Los invito a ver las últimas propuestas de esta gran artista en

Classic Cars on Sale at | Autos Clásicos en Guatemala a la compro o venta.

Foto de Sitio Web Clasicos Guatemala is a company that specializes in getting classic car owners conected to classic car buyers. They have a growing inventory of classic cars on sale. While their car inventory is growing (They offer to put cars on sale), they also have started to create a good network of classic car fans. People are starting to write in saying “If you guys find a so and so car, call me”… or “I would like to trade a car, can you guys do that?”. is set up on drupal, with minimum customization. The whole point is to be able to get users to browse through cars quickly, and its working. Average user spends about 5 minutes on the page, and views around 5-10 cars. The website is in spanish and english, and ints french translation is coming soon! Check it out!.

Clasicos Guatemala es una compañía que capitaliza en su capacidad de conectar a vendedores de carros clásicos con compradores de carros clásicos. Tienen un inventario de carros que está en constante crecimiento, pues ofrecen agregar carros al inventario, sin costo, a cambio de una comisión de venta estandard. Así mismo, se está creando una comunidad bonita de fanáticos de carros, que escriben al sitio. Por ejemplo:  “Si tiene tal carro, avíseme que me interesa” o “Tengo tal carro y quiero cambiarlo por este otro modelo”. está hecho en Drupal, con un diseño bastante básico. El punto es que los usuarios puedan navegar inmediatamente a ver los diferentes tipos de carros que ofrece el sitio y esto esta funcionando. El usuario promedio pasa como 5 minutos en el sitio y revisa entre 5-10 carros. El sitio está en español, inglés y pronto estará traducido al Francés! Los invito a ver el sitio!.

Jim O'hagans real etate blog and home search engine is the first time I work in something related to real estate. The result was great, in part thanks to Jim, who was open minded and eager to learn. He has already posted half a dozen short articles and there are more to come, all with great information. The website is well on its way to having enough original and relevant content to be a key website for any prospective home buyer or seller in the northern NJ. Aside from this we incorporated an very efficient home search tool that gives the user the option to find a home as soon as he hits a blog post or the home page. So, short and simple, this Real Estate Search tool and blog is a great way for Jim to show off his knowhow and gain well earned confidence with his clients.

Check out it out!. es la primera vez que desarrollo un sitio orientado a vender bienes y raices. El resultado fué excelente, gracias a Jim quien le entró al proyecto con mente abierta y con ganas de aprender. Ya a escrito media dozena de blog-posts (Articulos electrónicos), todos con excelente contenido. El sitio web está en camino a ser uno de los sitios claves para cualquier comprador o vendedor de casas en la parte norte de New Jersey, pues aparte de ofrecer información clave desde la perspectiva de una persona que ha estado en el negocio por mas de 30 años, también ofrece una herramienta que permite buscar las casas que están en oferta, basando la búsqueda en ubicación, precio, tamaño, No. de cuartos, No. de baños y otras variables, todas opcionales, haciendo del sitio una herramienta muy funcional.  Estoy muy contento con este sitio y hay planes de expandirlo pronto.

Quality Plus Auto Mechanics | Talleres Quality Plus

Taller en Guatemala
Talleres Quality Plus es un claro ejemplo de nuestros servicios de página web standard, esta página permite dar a conocer la imagen y aspectos generales de la empresa y al mismo tiempo ofrecer una gran variedad de servicios especializados. Cuenta con espacio para que el dueño, sin tener que saber mucho de internet, pueda publicar ofertas, intercambiar información, recibir contactos nuevos y mantener un nivel de comunicación saludable con sus clientes. Le da un frente virtual a su empresa que dice “Somos Profesionales”. La página cuenta con servicios gráficos de Aguitta.con así como estadísticas semanales de la cantidad de visitas, comentarios y otras estadísticas de uso del sitio web.

Talleres Quality Plus is a clear example of our basic websites. The website gives a general idea of what they do and also provides detailed information on a wide variety of special services.  Being based on wordpress,  the owner has the ability to publish latest news, special offers and keep healthy comunication with his customers .   The website is a virtual business front that says “We are Profesionals”. We have set up a weekly google analytics report to be mailed to website owner, that gives general usage stats.